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IUCRC Evaluation Project

The IUCRC Evaluation Project at NCSU was launched in 1986 under a grant from the NSF IUCRC Program. Responsibility for the evaluation of the IUCRC Program was transitioned to VentureWell in 2021. Here you will find archival information and resources developed or hosted by the NCSU IUCRC Evaluation Project Team.

We are in the process of transitioning the old IUCRC Evaluation Project Website to a new platform. We appreciate your patience as we update this page. If you are looking for something specific in the meantime, please reach out to Dr. McGowen at Thank you.


On this site, you will find detailed guidelines, procedures, instruments, and other resources developed by the IUCRC Evaluation Project @ NCSU for local evaluators involved in the I/UCRC evaluation. While these materials were designed for use by NSF I/UCRC evaluators, we have not copyrighted our questionnaires and welcome others to use them. However, we would appreciate you contacting us if you choose to do so.

The Goals of the I/UCRC Evaluation Project were:


1) To help NSF and local centers objectively evaluate their impact by documenting I/UCRC outcomes and accomplishments

2) To promote continuous improvement by giving actionable, timely, data-based (formally collected and observational) feedback, analysis, and advice to NSF and local centers;

3)To identify and communicate information about I/UCRC best practices to NSF and local centers;


4) To help promote a better understanding of industry-university-government research cooperation.

For more information on the evaluation activities, please see theĀ evaluation primer.



Managing the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center
By: Gray & Walters